Welcome to Inspirational Financial Management, Independent Financial Advisers in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Inspirational Financial Management will look at your current financial situation with a holistic perspective tailored specifically to your personal needs. We will develop and implement a strategic plan which employs advanced wealth management services.

The Strategic plan will give you for the first time a clear understanding of when you will have accumulated enough capital to retire and still satisfy all of your lifestyle ambitions it will be tailored to you taking into account the value of your current and forecast income and expenditure, risk profile and inflation growth expectations.

Equity Release From Your Property
Plan For Your Future
Planning For Your Future

The value of investments and pensions can fall as well as rise. You may get back less than you invested.

We strongly believe that we can offer the right service for you or your company, offering a wide range of different, yet effective solutions:

What We Do

This process includes the Initial Assessment, Planning, Strategic Advice and Proactive Review to ensure that you receive the best service and advice toward your financial security for the future.

1. Initial Assessment

This process includes the Initial Assessment, Planning, Strategic Advice and Proactive Review to ensure that you receive the best service and advice toward your financial security for the future.

2 Planning

Once the Strategic Plan has been agreed we then start implementation in order to make your vision a reality. At all times we ensure that you maintain financial security for the future. We will therefore complete the financial review making appropriate recommendations to you from across the whole economic spectrum ensuring that any solutions are clearly defined within the overall picture and in context with your vision.

3 Strategic Advice

Our approach is avant-garde. That is to say we’ll use our practical experience and broad range of resources to review where you are now what plans and solutions you currently have in place and then further help you understand what is needed for you to achieve financial independence. We achieve this by using your growth expectations and then by projecting your end of year capital balances forward year on year until you start taking an income. This then allows you to tailor your very own strategic plan by making changes in the amount you invest annually or reducing your retirement income aspirations.

4 Proactive Review

Once implemented we have to make sure the process once in place continues year after year. As your needs and circumstances and financial commitments change so your vision and aspirations change. We will therefore commit to periodic auditing of your economic circumstances ensuring that you fully understand the level of risk that you are taking with your financial environment, your progression towards economic independence with the strategic plan and whether or not the plan is still current taking into account any changes. This will maintain clarity of your vision and allow us to provide you with ongoing advice.

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We are 12 days away from the new pension legislation coming into force! If you are over 55, you may be able to access you pension pot and drawdown you pension (possible tax implications may apply, we can advise and help with this).
IFM are regulated pension specialists who can offer professional advice on your pension. Please call us on 01484 518777 for a free consultation to discuss your requirements.....
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Pension advice - because it's worth it

The Mail cited surveys showing that only one in five people in the 45-65 age band had taken independent financial advice about their pension. Yet with the new rules taking effect from April, this will now be essential for most people. The government's 'Pension Wise' service, delivered by the Pensions Advisory Service online and by phone, and by the Citizens Advice Bureau in person, will only offer generic advice and to get personal advice taking your own circumstances, needs and tax position into account, you will need to get advice from an authorised financial adviser. Call us now on 01484 518777
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30-somethings face pension mountain....

The thirty-somethings generation face a huge battle to retire on anything like the retirement incomes of their parents, says the Sunday Telegraph.
To secure the typical retirement income of a senior teacher or manager of £40,000 a year, you would now need a pension pot of over £2 million. Yet by the time this generation comes to retire, they will not get a state pension until they are aged 70. So they need to increase their retirement savings substantially beyond the normal 'default' rates in company pension schemes.
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The ability to transfer part of the income tax personal allowance to a spouse/civil partner was announced in the 2013 Budget. Full details followed in the 2014 Budget. HMRC has now issued a briefing note which outlines more details of this measure, including how couples can register their interest and make a formal online application.

The marriage allowance (not to be confused with the married couple's allowance which only applies if at least one of the couple was born before 6 April 1935) applies from the 2015/16 tax year and will allow a spouse/civil partner born after 5 April 1935, who is not a higher or additional rate taxpayer, to transfer up to 10% (i.e. £1,060) of their personal allowance to their spouse/civil partner provided the recipient is not a higher or additional rate taxpayer. The tax saving could therefore be up to £212 where £1,060 is transferred – as the recipient would pay 20% less tax on the amount transferred.

HMRC has stated that around 4 million couples will be eligible for the marriage allowance and those that are eligible can register their interest in a matter of a few minutes by simply answering a few questions here.

Those who choose not to register their interest will still be able to make an application during the 2015/16 tax year and still receive the full allowance, however, this measure is only likely to benefit a handful of people and will only be relevant where one partner has very low or little income and does not make full use of their personal allowance.
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