Our Response To Covid-19

Posted on Mar 25, 2020 in News

We’d like to keep you informed about how IFM are working to support you and provide reassurance that given current circumstances we aim to provide a restricted service, even though our way of delivering that service to you has altered, this is in accordance with government guidelines issued during the COVID-19 outbreak.

At IFM we always advise wherever possible you should always maintain a solid cash reserve to help you through turbulent times.

We are under no illusion there is a huge temptation in these unprecedented times to panic and withdraw funds from investments. Anyone withdrawing invested money’s right now will be crystallising and creating further losses, so it is more important than ever that investments should only be crystallised in dire emergencies.

Our lifestyle financial Planning package caters for such catastrophes and emergencies. We will be on hand to help clients and their family and friends to overcome their concerns by using mediums such as Skype.

Given the restrictions imposed we will be operating from home and trying to maintain a near normal service. Although we are all currently free of coronavirus symptoms, we have taken the decision to close our building to personal contact.

Every member of the team are operational from their home and ready to help you with any support request. The only extra experience you may encounter, if speaking to us, is potentially some background ‘home-noise’, for which we apologise. If you hear a dog bark, or a post person knocking, please just carry on as normal, as we will. We think these small things outweigh being able to deliver a safe and robust support service to you.

We are dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive and approachable Financial Planning service, as always.

Please continue to contact as whenever you need to, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to ask.